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Project Descriptions

  • $7 cell phone: A member picked up an astoundingly cheap cell phone from China and donated one to the space for hacking.
  • 3D Printing: We've got a PrusaMendel extruding noodles of melted plastic on command. If you need a custom small plastic part, design it in a CAD program and come print it out. July 2013, a small 3DP build run has started: 3DP Build Run 2013.07
  • Machine Shop Classes: Classes on using the lathe, with possibilities for growth into other machines in the future. Beginners to advanced.
  • LightningTalks: 12 speakers present 5 minutes talks on any topic that interests them! Monthly.
  • WOPR: The HacDC IRC bot. Check out what WOPR can do for you and contribute modules for fame and fortune.
  • HacDC Intranet Server: An Intranet server provides an on-site platform for interfacing HacDC-specific devices or scripts or files.
  • Occupancy Sensor: PIR motion sensor with output embeddable in various webpages, so people could see when the space is occupied.
  • Stuff: HacDC has lots of stuff. More stuff is always coming in. HacDC has a limited amount of space. Some stuff has to go out.
  • Components Store: Since the honor-system soda stock in the fridge is working so well, we now have a stock of electronic components that works the same way.
  • Ws2811-LEDs: Ws2811 LEDs. Bright strips of lights that can be individually controlled, including switching color.
  • F3-robot: F3 Robot at Chas Colburn's Maker Tech Tuesdays



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