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HacDC's Optical Table


Operational, standing on pneumatic legs.

Optical and mechanical hardware in progress. Gantry is planned to enable ultra high-accuracy and wide area CNC milling, laser cutting, and 3D printing.


Not known with certainty, some estimations follow:

  • Rigidity sufficient for safe mechanical use.
  • Tapped holes.
  • Steel surface, epoxy/metal honeycomb base.
  • Can be kept level to within ~15nm.
  • Heavy - 800 pounds (350kg).
  • Pneumatic mounting.

Associated Equipment

  • Big (~40x40mm) aluminum extrusions, sufficient to equip entire table with a gantry.
  • Lens and mirror mounts.
  • Wide variety of optical elements, lenses, mirrors, beam splitters, fibers, telescope, microscope, etc.
  • Micro-manipulators.
  • Lasers.
  • High voltage (up to 6kW) power supplies.


High voltage power supplies and powerful lasers are dangerous, with a lot of subtle "gotchas". Don't play with them unless highly experienced.


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