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Expanding HacDC equipment to support high-end capabilites like: Manufacturing Electronics Optics Particle Physics Semiconductor Fabrication Biohacking Web Conferencing

Supporting these increasingly unique abilities allows us to train a new generation of scientists and engineers, develop radically new technology, greatly improve public relations for hackers, and further attract new funding and talent.

The project owner (mirage335) desires to run this project democratically, allowing all members a reasonable opportunity to push proposals and vote. However, since the Project Tracker, fully populated with projects and accounts, received zero participation from anyone else after more than a year, it has been taken down. For now, a grant-style approach is being taken.

Proposals for funds are considered, counter-proposals solicited, and an expense or reimbursement made as appropriate. For example, one member might propose HacDC needs a new computer. Another might suggest any new computer purchase should support a full free software stack, including coreboot. The project owner may then allow a short time period for a counter-proposal to be submitted. If the counter-proposal is agreed upon by the member submitting the original proposal, then the purchase would likely be made.

Some current sub-project candidates for funding include.

  • OpticalTableRobot
  • Classroom CNC
  • Server hardware.
  • OpenDisplay
  • Metal Casting

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