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HP Draft Pro Plus

Current Machine Status

Operational, with dedicated laptop. Run 'sudo <filename>' to convert and transfer postscript vector files.

Currently offsite, as property of Dan Barlow given to Mirage335 (talk). Please feel free to request plots of vector PS files. If interest in the plotter picks up, the machine itself is likely to return as well.


Really quite simple.

  1. Ready paper feed. Lift the lever as shown in the diagrams stickered to the machine.
  2. Insert paper. Make sure to flatten, and align the right-hand edge with the arrow and line on the movable roller clamp.
  3. Clamp. Press the lever down, while ensuring the paper remains flat. Plotter should automatically shuffle the paper to ensure a good fit.
  4. Call script on the desired postscript file.


Roughly A2 sized paper is provided in a bucket on the floor. Much larger paper can be handled, of course.


See mirage335 at HacDC's IRC channel. If he is around and not to busy, Dan Barlow is the plotter's owner, and an expert in all trades.

Please Avoid

Plotter is Dan Barlow's property, not HacDC. He will be quite disappointed if it is damaged. Additionally, it has been a great public demo for HacDC on many occasions. Please be gentle.

In particular, be delicate with the mechanics. Nothing should ever need to be forced.

If in doubt, consult the support options mentioned above. Better to ask questions than to cause damage.


  • Coordinates must always use landscape orientation, even in paper is loaded in a portrait direction. Check HPGL files for landscape orientation.


Future Improvements

  • Single-mode 405nm 1W UV BDR-209 laser diode scorching/engraging/cutting laser. Will offer finer linewidths than traditional pens, infinite 'ink', and precision cutting capabilities.

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