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This is the Policy Manual for HacDC. This is version 0.1. All policy pages are protected and can only be modified by vote of the membership at a membership meeting. A hard copy of the policy in effect exists at HacDC in the Public Inspection Locker

(Note: As of 4/10/08 these pages are still being edited and discussed.)

The Core Policy Concept : C4K

Our core policy concept is Command, Control, Communications, Collaboration, and Khaos. It is loosely based on the military concept of C4I, which stands for Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence.

  • Control: How things get done in the most productive, transparent and honest way possible. How are privileges and access assigned and what are the associated responsibilities? Who is responsible for certain mission critical functions? The Ministers are responsible for day-to-day operations and they, along with the rest of the members, are bound by the Access Control Policy and Financial Operations Policy.
  • Khaos: (Eric should write this part)

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