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Project Awesome is a way for HacDC members to fund projects and increase the awesomeness of the space. Any members can propose a project, and each member can vote on the projects they want to support. Each month, any funds beyond our expenses get divided among the active projects according to the member votes. Here is the full proposal (approved by the members at the 11 Sept 2012 meeting).

Voting for Projects

Each HacDC member gets one vote which can be divided among the active projects as desired. To vote, send an email to with instructions on how you would like your vote divided (e.g. "100% to PROJECT_A" or "50% each to PROJECT_B and PROJECT_C".) Your vote will stay in force until changed.

Supporting Projects

If you would like to support one of the Project Awesome projects with an additional donation, just send funds to HacDC (using PayPal, Dwolla, or a paper check) and include the project code as a comment. The money will be earmarked for use in the project you have selected!

Project List

Members of HacDC can vote to support one of these projects by sending an email with the project code to ''.

Project Awesome Projects
Code Contact Email Status Link Summary
LASER Dan Barlow dan.r.barlow at Active PA_LaserCutter Buy, set up, and run a laser cutter for the space
BYZANTIUM Ben Mendis dragonwisard at Active Build a rapidly deployable mesh network
KITBUILD contact needed Active PA_KitBuild Buy tools and kits for electronic kit-building workshops
SUPPLIES mirage335 spamfreemirage335 at Active PA_SUPPLIES Repair equipment. Maintain consumables, office supplies, spare parts, and other items routinely needed or sold at HacDC
SPACECAM Eric Eric Active Project_SPACECAM Purchase webcams to broadcast space activities on Ustream/website.

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