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HacDC works on various projects. Each project should be well represented in the HacDC Blog as well as the HacDC Wiki. Please use the following convention when presenting a new project:

Starting a project
  1. Submit a blog post about the project. File the post under the Projects category and add any relevant tags
  2. Create a Wiki Page for the project
  3. Populate your project Wiki page with content about your project
  4. Add the project to either Category:Ongoing_Projects (if you intend to work on the project) or Category:Proposed_Projects (if you think others might enjoy working on it). Just add the correct tags (as shown here) to the bottom of your entry to properly categorize it:
[[Category:Ongoing_Projects]] [[Category:Proposed_Projects]]
Once an ongoing project is active
  • The website admins will add your project to the relevant static project page on
  • Ongoing projects will be expected to submit a weekly report for the weekly meeting. Failure to submit reports for a certain period of time will result in an Ongoing Project being classified as an Abandoned Project.


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