Proposed Projects

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  • AVR Tutorial: An in-process tutorial to take microprocessor newbies and turn them into gods in 20 (not-very) easy steps.
  • HacDC Museum: Create The HacDC Museum of Technology, and within the museum the -redacted- Collection of Telephony to facilitate examination and research of the donation by the membership
  • VPS Migration: The current web server will be going away, we need to migrate
  • WWholoW (World Wide Holo-grid Web): Study of the possibility of setting up a world-wide wireless difrraction pattern through appropriate ground/air based transmiting stations that utilise ionospheric waveguiding to impose a spherical holographic E/M pattern

of standing spherical harmonics. These allow realizing an implementation of David Gelertner's "mirror world", way beyond mobile/WiFi technology and much more robust to external disturbances.