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* [[Shimmer]]
* [[Shimmer]]
* [[Starlight]]
* [[Starlight]]
* [[hacdc-vmhost0]]
* [[hacdc-vmhost1]]
==Rendering Servers==


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Shell and VPS server, emphasis on uptime. Dual-Core, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD. ONLINE


Shell and VPS server, emphasis on uptime, durability, and performance. Octo-Core dual Xeon X5355, 48GB ECC RAM, 20TB RAID6, 5TB RAID0, 900MB/s 1000 IOPS peak estimated throughput. Awaiting delivery.

Available Resources

WIP = Work In Progress

Shell Servers

Network Attached Storage

VM Server

Rendering Servers


Collocation is a bare-bones service we provide at extremely low rates to members and non-members.

Collocation fees are very affordable at $15/U/month for members and $25/U/month for non-members and must be approved by the Admin team. For tower servers, member rates are $25/month for smaller towers and $50/month for full size towers. If the mission of a server is in line with HacDC's the admin team may reduce or waive fees. The money from collocation fees goes towards the furthering of HacDC's mission and to the maintenance and improvement of our IT infrastructure.

The admin team will do their best to secure and maintain HacDC's collocation network and facilities but we make no warranty as to their physical or virtual safety, uptime, timeliness of service, or any other niceties. Members should keep this in mind and be willing to cooperate with Admin for any special needs they feel they may have.

For the time being, members may access their collocated server's physical location to perform maintenance at any time. Interference with the performance of other servers by accident or malfeasance may be grounds for terminating the collcation arrangement.

Non-members will have to rely on a member of the Admin team for access to their physical device.

HacDC will provide power, an ethernet port, and a rack; if your machine becomes unresponsive, the admin team will try to provide power-cycle service within 24 to 48 hours.

ANY device found hardwired to ethernet that isn't HacDC infrastructure or a known collocated device will be turned off and disconnected.

If collocated devices are found to be violating our ISP's TOS, threating damage to our facilities, or otherwise pose a significant issue to HacDC's operations, they will be turned off pending resolution of the issue.

HacDC and the Admin team may decide at any time for any reason that we no longer wish to host a device. We will make reasonable efforts to contact the owner of the server to arrange for collection and tell them the reason.

Acceptable Use Policies

Applicable to all use of HacDC communal computing resources.


  • Resale of HacDC services is subject to approval at a duly held member meeting
  • Incidental use of HacDC services for commercial purposes is acceptable when it complies with all relevant HacDC policies.
  • It is requested than any commercial users 'give back' fairly (upwards 5% of returns).

Prohibited Activities

Server/network/web administrators may take corrective action to address violations of policy. The following actions are never acceptable.

  • Actions contrary to HacDC's 501(c)3 mission.
  • Violations of applicable laws (international, federal, state, or local).
  • Actions prohibited by HacDC policy.
  • Any form of spam, or activity which causes spam filters to reject mail from * or any other HacDC related domain.
  • Heavy network use, reducing QoS for neighbouring tenants.
  • Uncoordinated excess resource usage adversely affecting other users.
  • Failure to comply with password policies.

The following are grounds for immediate, complete, and permanent loss of all access:

  • Actions which jeopardize the resources or safety of the staff, members, guests, tenants of HacDC or St. Stephen's Church.
  • Failure to comply with previous sanctions.
  • Compromised accounts.


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