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Paravirtualization (Xen) proved unreliable. Replacing with OpenVZ. Server will again be ready once that is completed.
Ready for delivery to HacDC.

=General Policies=
=General Policies=

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Simple project server, emphasis on availability and uptime.

Available services include root access (demonstrable need or willingness to manage non-root users), non-root 'Debian Shell' access, and Xen paravirtualized hosting (resources allocated by need and first-come-first-serve).

Access is through SSH login. Specific Xen commands by non-root users permitted through sudo, aliased for convenience. Extremely basic knowledge of Linux command line use is required.


Ready for delivery to HacDC.

General Policies

Applicable to all use of HacDC server resources.


  • Resale of HacDC hosting services is subject to 501(c)3 provisions, and member acceptance. Within those restrictions, it is politely requested than any commercial users 'give back' fairly, upwards 5% of returns.


At minimum, credentials and assets may be immediately deleted.

  • Contrary to HacDC's 501(c)3 mission.
  • Contrary to US public policy.
  • Prohibited by HacDC internal policy.
  • Jeopardizes HacDC or other HacDC members. Specifically, compromised accounts will be immediately disabled upon discovery, and may be immediately deleted.
  • Any form of spam, or activity which causes spam filters to reject mail from *
  • Heavy internet use, reducing QoS for neighboring tenants.
  • Weak passwords.


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