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Acceptable Use Policies

Applicable to all use of HacDC communal computing resources.


  • Resale of HacDC services is subject to approval at a duely held member meeting
  • Insidental use of HacDC services for commercial purposes is accceptable when it complies with all relavent HacDC policies.

I* It is requested than any commercial users 'give back' fairly (upwards 5% of returns).

Prohibited Activities

Server/network/web administrators may take corrective action to address violations of policy. The following actions are never acceptable.

  • Actions contrary to HacDC's 501(c)3 mission.
  • Violations of applicable laws (international, federal, state, or local).
  • Actions prohibited by HacDC policy.
  • Any form of spam, or activity which causes spam filters to reject mail from * or any other HacDC related domain.
  • Heavy network use, reducing QoS for neighboring tenants.
  • Uncoordinated excess resource usage adversely effecting other users.
  • Failure to comply with password policies.

The following are grounds for immediate, complete, and permanent loss of all access:

  • Actions which jepordize the resources or safety of the staff, members, guests, tennants of HacDC or St. Stephen's Church.
  • Failure to comply with previous sanctions.


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