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HacDC is in the process of refurbishing a scanning electron microscope: a Cambridge Stereoscan 200.

SEM in workshop

Current Status

Cleaning and assessment in progress.

June 23rd: Summary. Roughing pump works, seals adequate to fire turbo. Probably just needs cleaning and testing, similar in scope to commissioning a new 3D printer. -mirage335

See Stereoscan_Operators_Log for details.


Manuals and Images

  • Turbo Pump: Pfeiffer Balzers TPH 190
Similar but smaller unit manual File:Pfeiffer Balzers TPH TPU 110 .pdf
Table of pumps to compatible controllers File:Pfeiffer table.pdf
View of pump 1 Media:PfeifferTHP190_1.gif
View of pump 2 (connector side) Media:PfeifferTHP190_2.gif
View of pump 3 (other side) Media:PfeifferTHP190_3.gif


757 Labs

Previous owners (757 Labs, another hackerspace) attempting repairs compiled some information at:

Additional Resources

  • The original S200 operating instructions are available at the space in a three-ring binder near the machine.
  • If possible, members will also have access to a PDF copy of Scanning Electron Microscopy - A Student's Handbook, 1980, self-published by Michael Postek, et al. This book was widely used by microscopists and is still regarded as a good learning reference, but the original binding is rare and prone to falling apart. It might be possible to use the PDF copy for private, educational use.

More Photos


We'll have a list here of HacDC members who are responsible for the SEM, including people that should be notified about problems.

Mirage335 (talk) Custom electronic control replacement circuitry.

Plasma Dan K., plasma on IRC. SEM information, documentation, repair information, problems

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