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* Several more frequency mixers
* Connectorizing more frequency mixers.
* IF Filters
* Connectorizing IF filters.
* Programmable Oscillators
* Silicon Labs programmable oscillators.
* AVR (Arduino) Programmers
* AVR (Arduino) programmer.
* RF Amplifiers
* Another RF amplifier.
* Vector Network Analyzer.


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Cart includes our best test equipment.




  • Vellman PCScope. Dual channel, isolated, 1GS/s, 50MHz bandwidth, offers spectrum analyzer, voltage, and power measurements.
  • Precision Volt and Ohm Meter
  • Analog Oscilloscope. Dual channel, >70MHz bandwidth.
  • Laptop.


  • Gigahertz Frequency Counter with TCXO
  • Continiously Variable Frequency Oscillator, up to 150MHz
  • Continiously Variable Pulse Generator, up to 50MHz
  • 2x Function Generator, up to 12MHz
  • +/-12V and +/-5V Low-Noise Linear PSU
  • Dual Variable Voltage (2x 0-20V) and Adjustable Current Limit (2x 0-1A) Power Supply


  • Precision 12Ch AF Variable Gain Amplifier with 24V Input Bias
  • Differential 8Ch AF Amplifier (Instrumentation Amplifier)


  • HF Tuned Amplifier
  • SMC-1 Frequency Mixer
  • 50,000x 50Ohm BNC Input Audio Amplifier
  • BNC 50 Ohm Termination Connectors
  • BNC High-Pass Filter and Shield Fuse
  • Various BNC Probes and Adapters
  • Power Strips
  • More frequency mixers, instrumentation amplifiers, and other parts.


  • Connectorizing more frequency mixers.
  • Connectorizing IF filters.
  • Silicon Labs programmable oscillators.
  • AVR (Arduino) programmer.
  • Another RF amplifier.
  • Vector Network Analyzer.


  • Vector Network Analyzer
  • Banana Plug to Alligator Clip Test Leads


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