Classroom Laptops

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This page serves as a specification and feature request page for the classroom laptops.

The classroom laptops are running a Linux distribution, currently Debian (probably better to be running testing than stable), with MATE desktop environment. Tom maintains a canonical image.

They are used primarily for modeling, rendering, and slicing 3d printed parts, but can and should be functional for all purposes in the classroom.

Currently implemented on a bunch (6) of Dell D430s, maybe some D420s.

Software (locally installed or remote access)

3d design

Cura Meshlab Implicitcad (runs on Jobs or gygax)


Firefox, Chromium, and Midori or something similarly lightweight.


INO Arduino



Sys utils

tmux ssh vi/vim emacs etc. Terminator guake


Update image and re-image all laptops. Enable all laptops for incoming and outgoing email...? Work out a way to do efficient X-forwarding over our WiFi to job server for heavier applications. Fix the HW clock issue possibly by setup NTP so that SSL errors don't happen. Configure laptops in some way to be more like a thin client so there is no/less need to 'update' the image or re-image regularly. In the dumbest case we could have them be simple VNC kiosks to a VM running on jobs...? Test above last two for practicality.

Feature requests

Most recent Arduino suite. [INO] More scripts and or instructions for usability -- 2d printing, 3d printing, using jobs. Maybe put ~/* or ~/Desktop on a network share.