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A sizable inventory of electronic components was purchased for Hackersmart, with the goal that the unsold portion thereof would seed HacDC's electronics lab. This has come to pass, and the components are arranged on a pegboard by the soldering desk. This page is to explain what's available, how much it costs, where to get more, and as a place to request additions to the store.

Pricing is intended to cover our cost and shipping, and to make the store self-sustaining like the fridge. These are internal "member's prices", and may not reflect what we charge at conferences, where there's an understanding that purchases actively help HacDC.

Cash Register Departments

Department Stuff
1 Canned drinks
2 Bottled water
3 Gatorade
4 Other drinks/snacks
5 Tipjar into register
6 Passives (resistors/caps/LEDs/crystals/inductors)
7 Wire, battery holders, switches, relays, connectors, sockets
8 Protoboards (breadboards), perfboards, clipleads
9 ICs except microcontrollers
10 Microcontrollers and dev kits
11 Specialty (LCDs, sensors, polyfuses)
12 Kits
13 Cables
14 Tools
15 Optical media, flash memory, CF adapters, memory readers
16 Services / misc

Current Inventory

Component Supplier partno our cost retail price department
resistors Mouser/BG partno 1.4c ($2.95 for 200) 2c 6
100-ohm trim pots All Electronics TPK-100 10c 25c 6
100k trim pots All Electronics TP-100k 10c 25c 6
0.1uF 'decoupling' caps Mouser K104K15X7RF53H5 5c 5c 6
4.7uF capacitors Mouser 647-UVR1H4R7MDD1TD 4c 5c 6
47uF capacitors All Electronics 47R10 4c 5c 6
Misc caps (grab box) Goldmine G3060 1c? 5c 6
56uH inductors Goldmine G16521 35c 50c 6
Red/Grn/Yel 3mm LEDs MPJA 15101/15102/15103 OP 2c 5c 6
Red/Grn/Yel 5mm LEDs MPJA 15108/15308/15309 OP 2c 5c 6
Aqua LEDs Goldmine G16645 25c 50c 6
Infrared LEDs supplier partno cost price 6
Ultraviolet LEDs supplier partno cost price 6
12MHz crystal Goldmine G3840 1.50 2.00 6
1xAA holder Mouser 12BH311-GR 0.69 1.00 7
2xAA holder Mouser 12BH321D 0.67 1.00 7
4xAA holder Mouser 12BH351-R 0.99 1.50? 7
9V battery snap MPJA 2600BT 0.29 0.50 7
SPDT pushbutton PCB mount Goldmine G14045 $1/5 0.25 7
SPDT pushbutton panel mount MPJA 5019SW 0.29 0.50 7
DPDT slide Goldmine G1827 5/$1 0.25 7
DPDT 5v relay All Electronics RLY-506 0.70 1.00 7
2.1mm DC power jack supplier partno cost price 7
2.1mm DC power plug All Electronics DCSID 0.50 0.50 7
2.5mm DC power jack All Electronics DCJ-6 0.20 0.25 7
2.5mm DC power plug supplier partno cost price 7
2.5mm (3/32") stereo plug supplier partno cost price 7
3.5mm (1/8") stereo plug supplier partno cost price 7
3.5mm (1/8") stereo jack Goldmine GP3 50/$2.49 0.25 7
USB B jack Mouser 649-61729-1010BLF 0.50 1.00 7
8-pin DIP sockets Digi-Key 3M5461-ND 0.156 0.25 7
14-pin DIP sockets Digi-Key 3M5462-ND 0.13 0.25 7
20-pin DIP sockets Digi-Key 3M5465-ND 0.18 0.25 7
28-pin DIP sockets Digi-Key 3M5469-ND 0.23 0.50 7
0.100" headers Goldmine GP6 50/$2.49 0.25 7?
830-point breadboard MPJA 4443TE 3.95 in qty 10 5.00 8
small perfboard All Electronics PC-1 0.75 1.00 8
large perfboard BG Micro ACS1052 1.95 3.00? 8
crappy clipleads Goldmine G1498 10/$2 25c 8
Minigrabbers (yellow) DealExtreme sku.8391 30/$7.41 50c 8
Micrograbbers (red/black) DealExtreme sku.7892 20/$6.10 50c 8
7805 regulator Mouser 512-LM7805ACT 0.31 0.50 9
78L05 regulator Mouser 512-LM78L05ACZX 0.18 0.50 9
7812 regulator Mouser 512-LM7812ACT 0.31 0.50 9
LM317 adj reg Mouser 511-LM317MT 0.30 0.50 9
1n914/1n4148 diode Goldmine G13807 100/$1 5c 9
1n4007 diode MPJA 5217DI 0.07 0.10 9
Zener diodes BG Micro partno 0.12 0.25 9
2n3904 NPN transistor BG Micro TRN2N3904 0.06 0.25 9
2n3905 PNP transistor Goldmine G43374 0.12 0.25 9
LM358 opamp Mouser 512-LM358N 0.25 0.50 9
LM1458 dual opamp Mouser 512-LM1458CN 0.33 0.50 9
LM393 dual comparator All Electronics LM393 0.30 0.50 9
LM555 timer Mouser 512-LM555CN 0.22 0.50 9
ADM202 RS232 transceiver All Electronics ADM202EAN 0.75 1.00 9
4n33 optoisolator Mouser 78-4N33 0.32 0.50 9
LM386 audio amp Mouser 513-NJM#386BD 0.42 0.50 9
MC34063 switching power supply controller Mouser 863-MC34063AP1G 0.70 1.50 9
AVR microcontrollers I'm gonna leave this to Elliot or TC 10
Hantronix HDM16216H-5-300S 2x16 LCD no backlight Goldmine G16717 2.95 5.00 11
0.6 amp Polyfuse Mouser 576-60R065XU 0.24 0.50 11
1.1 amp Polyfuse Mouser 576-30R110UU 0.26 0.50 11
CF-IDE 44-pin DealExtreme sku.10310 2.26 3.00 15
CF-IDE 40-pin male DealExtreme sku.10309 2.09 3.00 15
CF-IDE 40-pin female DealExtreme sku.2720 2.16 3.00 15
CF-IDE 40-pin male on bracket DealExtreme sku.10311 3.52 5.00 15
2.5-to-3.5-inch IDE adapter DealExtreme sku.727 1.33 2.00 15
2GB CF card DealExtreme sku.12352 22.12 30.00 15
1GB MicroSD (TransFlash) DealExtreme sku.1458 5.43 7.00 15
2GB MicroSD (TransFlash) DealExtreme sku.2934 9.22 12.00 15
SDHC-to-USB adapter DealExtreme sku.6858 2.52 3.00 15
All-in-one USB memory reader DealExtreme sku.2708 4.87 5.00 15

Proposed Additional Inventory

Component Supplier partno our cost retail price department QTY Desired
H-Bridges TBD (SN754410, aka L293)
piezo elements TBD
22 AWG hookup wire TBD
TBD Light Sensor TBD
TIP102 Transistor TBD
USBtinyISP AVR Programmer Kit $22
AVR Programming Adaptor BOB-08508 $0.99
Infrared Emitters and Detectors SEN-00241 $1.95
8-Bit Shift w/Latch Mouser 511-M74HC595 $0.66
L293D Dual H-Bridge Mouser 595-L293DNE $2.74
cisco 48V power supplies $10ea-ish


Mouser and Digi-Key are the "big guns" of the hobbyist and small professional electronics market, with breathtaking inventories, fast order fulfillment, and sophisticated websites. Digi-Key adds a handling fee to orders under $25.

Marlin P. Jones & Associates is a smaller web retailer specializing in power supplies, but with a fair assortment of other stuff too. Their prices on breadboards are hard to beat. (Thanks Jon for that tip!)

All Electronics has been in the surplus electronics game for a long time, with a small newsprint catalog that's a staple in many geeks' bathrooms. As with any surplus dealer, their inventory is constantly in flux, and sometimes they have really amazing deals.

B.G. Micro (known pre-9/11 as "The Electronics Mecca", now calls itself "The Electronics Supplier") is a small mostly-surplus dealer whose bright yellow catalog offers Texas humor mixed with eyestrain. Their shopping cart software is chaotic evil, but they have great prices, particularly on industrial stuff like thermal fuses and zener diodes.

Electronics Goldmine has a better selection of motors, magnets, and boxes than almost anyone else. They offer "GoldPaks", grab-bags and assortments of surplus (sometimes take-outs) hardware, some of which are so-so deals and some of which are simply jawdropping.