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A sizable inventory of electronic components was purchased for Hackersmart, with the goal that the unsold portion thereof would seed HacDC's electronics lab. This has come to pass, and the components are arranged on a pegboard by the soldering desk. This page is to explain what's available, how much it costs, where to get more, and as a place to request additions to the store.

Pricing is intended to cover our cost and shipping, and to make the store self-sustaining like the fridge. These are internal "member's prices", and may not reflect what we charge at conferences, where there's an understanding that purchases actively help HacDC.

Cash Register Departments
Department Stuff
1 Canned drinks
2 Bottled water
3 Gatorade
4 Other drinks/snacks
5 Tipjar into register
6 Passives (resistors/caps/LEDs/crystals/inductors)
7 Wire, battery holders, switches, relays, connectors, sockets
8 Protoboards (breadboards), perfboards, clipleads
9 ICs except microcontrollers
10 Microcontrollers and dev kits
11 Specialty (LCDs, sensors, polyfuses)
12 Kits
13 Cables
14 Tools
15 Optical media, flash memory, CF adapters, memory readers
16 Services / misc
Current Inventory
Component Supplier partno our cost retail price department
resistors Mouser or BG Micro partno 1.4c ($2.95 for 200) 2c 6
capacitors Mouser partno 5c 6