Cube Alt Slicer

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Alternate Slicer Instruction (Experimental)

Don't do this until we verify

  1. Open the Kisslicer link on the desktop
  2. Load your stl
  3. Slice
  4. Save (should save with a .bfb ext)
  5. Open CodeX32 link on the desktop
    1. Printer: CubePro
    2. Function: EnCode
    3. Input File: your.brb
    4. Output File: youre.cube (cubepro file should work with cube ext)


You can use a regular slicer and convert it to .cube code See this Thread

Here's a Thread specific to the cube 2

Another Thread. This seems to be the latest.

Troubleshooting Notes

  • Decoding a .cube file generated by cubes software and re-encoding with cubepro setting and then renaming file .cube seems to work. Using cubex setting does not work.
  • Setting Filament parameter to -1 does not cause an error
  • Setting Time to 0 does not cause an error