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2017.11.21 "Inaugural" Meeting

In attendance:

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DC/MD/VA spaces

Following up with some of the other local maker/hacker/bio/food spaces in the area (Dorothy):

  • Northern Virginia

Miscellaneous links

Some of the places, people and events mentioned yesterday, in no particular order (Ubuntourist)

  • Potential partners locally
    • John Capozzi, Program Manager at The Office of the Chief Technology Officer, Government of the District of Columbia. He was part of the Broadband Bridge Coalition, and other progressive tech efforts.
    • Mike Lee, Senior Advisor, Digital Strategy at AARP Digital Strategy & Membership; Founder, One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) Learning Club DC
    • Leshell Hatley, Founder and Director, Uplift, Inc. in SE DC. A fantastic program. (LinkedIn profile)
    • Phil Shapiro, tweeter/ promoter / dreamer / writer Makezine,, Twitter, LinkedIn (He can be very good at "getting the word out")
    • Greg Bloom - serial digital justice crusader / organizer (no longer in the area but still "connected" to DC)
    • Gerald Cooper - Founder, IT Computer Wizkids
    • Damon Jones, Founder / Director, STEAM America
    • Alex Dehgan, CEO and co-Founder, Conservation X Labs & Chanler Innovator, Duke University. He invited HacDC to participate in the Smithsonian Institute's Earth Optimism Summit Make for the Planet hackathon.
    • (If you talk to any of the above, drop my name.)
    • Code for DC Brigade of Code for America
    • The Open Technology Institute (OTI), a division of the New America Foundation, a progressive think tank in DC. New America Foundation has some fantastic lectures and panels on science, technology, and policy. OTI folks helped the DC Broadband Bridge group set up a neighborhood mesh network, that the DC government was hoping to model when Bryan Sivak ran OCTO. (Alas, the community got cut out of those conversations after Bryan left.)
    • Cities of Learning, DC part of Cities of LRNG (pronounced "learning"), mentioned by Ken