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2017.11.21 "Inaugural" Meeting

In attendance:

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Following up with some of the other local maker/hacker/bio/food spaces in the area (Dorothy):

Washington, DC

FabLab DC (FabLab) Hac DC (Hackerspace) Local Motors (Commercial Makerspace) Mess Hall (Food Makerspace) Taste Lab (Food Makerspace) Union Kitchen (Food Makerspace)

Northern Virginia

NoVA Labs (Reston, VA; Community Makerspace)


Baltimore Underground Science Space (BUGGS) (Baltimore, MD; Biospace) Catylator (Silver Spring, MD; Makerspace) Digital Harbor Foundation (Baltimore, MD; Youth Makerspace (Rec To Tech) The Foundery (Baltimore, MD; Focus on economic empowerment - working with City of Baltimore) KiD Museum (Bethesda, MD; Kid's makerspace) Open Works (Baltimore, MD; Focus on entrepreneurship) Pyramid Atlantic Art Center (Hyattsville, MD; Art makerspace) Station North Tool Library (Baltimore, MD)