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Redbeard hooks up to the ECG
Redbeard hooks up to the ECG


This goal of this project is to evolve a simple DIY ECG front end circuit that collects a clean signal for display and processing on a computer or embedded platform. A subgoal is to use the resulting board design as a kit build with diy PCB's using the toner transfer method.

In the process I'm learning and teaching about heart voltages, amplification circuits, and signal processing. The circuit uses a small DC current for safety.

I plan to work on other signals (EEG, temperature, blood pressure, etc) but decided to start with ECG. Maybe it's just the romantic in me. :)

Once I get a clean signal, I'm going to investigate the use of Arduino/Atmega microcontorllers and Xilinx FPGA boards (Spartan 3E is what I have access to) as a means of processing and interface control.

Ongoing DIY_ECG_notes.


  • 5/11/2010
    • Sad face. Won't be going to MF, had to cancel. Too much going on. Next year!
  • 3/11/2010
    • I'd better get moving, I was just accepted to Maker Faire. :-O
  • 1/21/2010
    • Applying to maker faire. Would be great to teach some folks what I've learned doing this and what I'll learn between now and then. I'm really naive about this stuff compared to a scientist which makes it all the more exciting.
  • 1/20/2010
    • Mitch Altman has invited my ECG project to be displayed at The Next HOPE in NYC this summer after some discussion on the Noisebridge list. I can't wait to see what kind of collaboration comes of this. Robotic real time hearts anyone?
  • 12/29/2010
    • Finished the first circuit, guided by online examples and tested on a real person! Realized the crosstalk from the unshielded wires and the rows in the breadboard were a recipe for disaster. Many improvements to make!


I'm User:Obscurite.

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