DIY HackerSpace Passport

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The process taken to make a Hackerspace Passport of similar quality to a US passport.


Received parts (paper and cover material)


Use paper and cover material similar to US passport to make Hackerspace Passports

  1. order fancy paper and vinyl cover material (done)
  2. make wood/plastic block stamps to print the generic info and layouts
    • planning to use the CNC to route the SVGs to wood blocks or PCB blanks
  3. make/order inks for printing
    • depends on the printing blocks
  4. print a test run on regular printer paper
    • the cotton paper is cheaper than gold but more expensive than plain printer paper by a lot
  5. print a Hackerspace Passport
    • pages only here
  6. figure out that whole embossing thing
    • pressing down the vinyl til it satays that way i get but the application of the metal leaf in conjunction is outside my realm of experience
  7. emboss cover art
    • insert magic here
  8. bind a Hackerspace Passport
    • my US passport is bound with some fancy string. i think i'll use telcom twisted pairs for mine :P
  9. enjoy perplexed look on TSA officers face when they search my bag at <insert major transit point here>
    • "WTF?" is such a satisfying expression to see :P