Data Destruction and Donation Day

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This is a proposal to create an ongoing event aimed at procuring more quality hardware for HacDC.

Proposal Vitals

Status: In Progress, Discussion

  • Project Lead: ?
  • Proposed Budget: $0
  • Goals:
    • To obtain more quality hardware for HacDC
    • To teach the public/corporations about proper Data Destruction techniques
    • To build relationships with potential donors, future sources of hardware
    • To develop & demo creative ways of recycling computers

Detailed Proposal

A lot of local companies and non-profits have old computers sitting around. They know they need to destroy the data before the dispose of the machines, but they can't afford a professional disposal service.

I thought it would be fun to have a public event where we would teach people how to dismantle and destroy their hard-drives. We could pitch it as a security event, capitalizing on the Hacker name in a positive way. We could publicize the event by sending invitations to local companies, perhaps through the chamber of commerce. I'd like to also invite local non-profits but I don't know if there's an easy way to reach them.

My thought was that we could harvest the magnets and use them to build a windmill generator. The only problem is that I've been too tired to follow through. My current consulting arrangment ends on the first of January. If I don't get another job or contract immediately I may have time to work on this.


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