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Some links to get us started:





6502 instruction set

Atari 8-bit documentation online

Atari 8-bit memory map

Atari 800 emulator

Altirra - an Atari 800 emulator for Windows

A ton of Atari 8-bit documentation

Atari 8-bit ROMS

Space Invaders

git repository for work so far is at git://git.cluephone.com/atari8/spaceinvaders/

gitweb view of above

Getting Started


  • knowledge
  • tools
    • emulator
    • cc65
    • roms
    • documentation of the atari 800


   get and install cc65, etc.
   * description of the various tools included in the package

Set up your info file:

   jason started with the example info file from the cc65 website
   ** notes about setting up your info file
       tell the DA what is code, what is a bytetable, what is a list of addresses
       tell the DA about the labels you are aware of
       iterative process of creating this info file as you learn more about the program
       eventually naming functions, etc.

disassemble your ROM

da65 --start-addr 0xa000 Space\ Invaders.rom --comments 3

re-assemble your ROM

   first time, this should be from the base output from the disassembly
   subsequent assemblies will include changes that you made to the ASM in your quest for information


6502 cross-compiler and tools

Atarimania 8-bit games