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Tabletop computer terms - move over means to use the touch pad to move the arrow on the display to the described position click on means to move the arrow to the described position & then press either click button type means to type what is described type: means to type the characters that follow the space after : enter means to type what is described (if anything) & then press the Enter key (at right) enter: means to type the characters that follow the space after : & then press Enter insCADImp How to use ImplicitCAD on one of the tabletop computers - Dec. 26, 2019 version I.1 Turn on the computer & log in (see Documentation-Tabletop_computers for detailed instructions) I.2 Click on Applications (top left) I.3 Move over System Tools I.4 Click on MATE Terminal in window that just appeared I.5 To connect (ssh) thru the HacDC network & perform the following on the renderadmin computer instead of the tabletop computer type: ssh I.6 At's password: enter standard password I.7 Enter cd directorybeingused/ (i.e., ImplicitCAD/radioshack_box/) I.8 Enter emacs -nw file.escad (i.e., testcube.escad - editor (one of many that can be used) for creating or modifying file (in this case object description)) I.9 Create or modify object description I.10 Type Ctrl X Ctrl S (saves file) Ctrl X Ctrl C (exits from editor) I.11 Enter make file.stl (i.e., testcube.stl - convert from object description (.escad) to surface description (.stl)) I.12 Wait - complex objects can take a very long time I.13 If there is an error then repeat I.8-I.12 as many times as necessary I.14 To disconnect from the renderadmin computer enter: exit I.15 Enter scp ./ (i.e., ./ - copy source, item, to; copy file back to tabletop computer) I.16 At Password: enter standard password I.17 Enter meshlab file.stl (i.e., meshlab testcube.stl - display object) I.18 At Post-Open Processing: click on OK I.19 After examining object type Ctrl Q (exits from meshlab) I.20 Repeat I.5-I.19 as many times as needed