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Cordless telephone To change the cordless phone ring: 1. Hold down cid (menu) button (top right) until phone beeps a 2nd time and text is displayed (the arrowhead at the left should be at the top pointing to Ringer; the up/down button moves the arrowhead). 2. Press select channel button (bottom) to select desired ring (don't use Type A since it's the same as the door intercom; Type C is recommended). 3. Press END button. Brother printer To adjust the paper tray (note that paper feeds from the front of the tray): 1. Slide the blue button in the back side of the tray out (away from the tray) 2. Squeeze the vertical blue tab near the center of the back side & move the back side in or out 3. Slide the blue button in (towards the tray) If the back side is pulled all the way out 14" (legal size) paper should fit. If the paper seems to be too long to fit in the tray pull the back side out no more than is needed for the paper to fit. If the tray will not go in all the way but goes in if the paper is removed try pulling the back side out & make sure the paper fits correctly (does not stick up). If the paper does not feed but there is no sign of jamming try pushing the back side in until the paper is snug (but does not stick up).