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The power supply for the K40 (cheap Chinese laser cutter) is a "4-6-4" type with a 6-terminal connector in the center with a 4-terminal connector on both sides. L1=G - ground (typically connected to negative terminal of laser tube, in this case thru a current meter (laser current on front panel)) L2=G L3=AC - one side of 120VAC power L4=AC - other side of 120VAC power C1=G C2=P - enable - ground to allow laser to fire C3=L - laser - ground to fire laser C4=G C5=IN - intensity - analog laser power control (i.e., in manual mode) C6=5V R1=24V R2=G R3=5V R4=L - laser - ground to fire laser Note that C3 & R4 are connected on the power supply PC board as are C6 & R3. The laser power can be controlled using L by PWM. Note: Diode D15 has been disconnected because it was leaky; it was only used for an on-board TEST button which is never used so there is no particular reason to replace it.