Doing Things in Drupal

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Information on this page is Obsolete; it is preserved for historical interest

This page collects information about how to use's copy of Drupal. To use the website to create content, you need to sign up for an account on the drupal page, activate your account (follow instructions in the email), and then bug Will Gibb to make sure your account is setup as a member.

Creating a blog post

The site's blog content is driven by content nodes. To add something to it, create a new story "node" and fill it out the page appropriately. Give your story a title and content. You can add content in HTML, Wordpress or drupal wiki markup langauge. You have the option of splitting your post into two parts, with the "Split summary at cursor" option, if you have a longer post than you feel is appropriate for the main site.

Your post will automatically be sent to the HacDC twitter feed. You can disable this (why would you?) or change the title. You can use !url, !url-alias, !tinyurl, !title and !user as replacement text.

You can also attach images to your post and use them inline. You can also post images to the wiki. To do that, you can use the <img> HTML tag, and set your input to "Full HTML". You can read more about how to use the img tag here [syntax] and here [examples] Poke around the drupal site and see how other authors have used the img tag in their posts, to do positioning. Katie has some pretty good examples.

Adding an Event

Drupal's calendar is driven by content nodes. To add something to it, create a new event "node" and fill it out. That node is what the calendar will link to. If you select "Promoted to front page" (under "Publishing options") it will also be published to the front page, as a blog post like thing. Note: Please include an end time as well as a start time, even if it's just approximate. Otherwise chaos will ensue as different pieces of software assume different things.

Once you have created an event, it may take an hour or more for it to appear in the web side's sidebar and in the Google Calendar version of our calendar.