Donating Hardware

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What should you donate?

  • Yes, if you see it on our WishList
  • Always ask before bringing in a donation as we have limited space and cannot dispose of items in a speedy manner due to our disposal policy. We can help you find a home for anything we can't take.

if it is a computer

  • No if it:
    • was made before dinosaurs walked the earth
  • Else yes if:
    • you could use it as your primary desktop machine <=2 years ago
    • you could use it as a PC gaming machine <=8 years ago

If It Is A Server

  • No if it:
    • sounds like a commercial air liner taking off (we can't have those in places people are in and that is everywhere for us).
  • Yes if it:
    • has multiple core and or sockets
    • has lots of ram slots (preferably with >2GB of ram in them)

If It Is A Laptop

  • No if:
    • it has no power supply
    • it cannot power on
    • it has no usb or ethernet ports (they must work as well)
    • it has no battery, unless it is a "desktop replacement"
  • Yes if:
    • it works but has no screen, keyboard, or mouse

Cell Phones

Smart Phones

  • Yes

Dumb Phones

  • No if (see our list of charities in the area that accept mobile phones):
    • it is CDMA phones (Verizon, Sprint, Cricket, Ting Wireless)
    • it doesn't power on
  • Yes if:
    • it is from a GSM based carrier


  • No if:
    • they are in a giant mixed box/bag (feel free to sort them then continue with the list :P)
    • you won't put them where they belong (a member can help you if you need)
    • they are coated in a known or unknown substance that is gooy or sticky, and not supposed to be there :P
  • Else yes if:
    • they don't match anything in the "no" section


  • Ask if:
    • it is not FOSS
    • it requires a paid license to use at all (even if it's part of the donation)



If you would like to donate items to HacDC please email and we can help you decide what to donate and if needed where things that we can't take can go. When the donation arrives at the space each item should be labeled with a date of arrival and put where it belongs. A member can help you find where that is.

Give Aways

If you would like to just give away free stuff please label each item with the date it entered HacDC and that it is a "Give Away" so we can dispose of them if no one wants them after a (currently unspecified) amount of time.