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*[ Linux Tracker]
*[ Linux Tracker]

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Byzantium Project public PGP key.

Version Codename Released Fitness* Torrent Direct DL PGPSign Comments
0.1a Scarab 2012/01/11 0 haxwithaxe's S3
  • current version.
  • focusing on functionality NOT security

`*Fitness is a score from 0 to 5 indicating the fitness of a release for use as an Emergency networking aid. Do not let this put you off downloading it to try it out or help us by finding and reporting bug and feature requests. In order to make it to a level 5 fitness we need as many people to use it as possible so we are more likely to find bugs before they end up causing trouble for people who expect our livedistro to work in an emergency.

  • 0 = completely unfit (likely to do more harm than good in any emergency)
  • 1 = still mostly unfit (unless you are an active developer on the project you won't likely benefit from this in an emergency)
  • 2 = works well enough to provide basic connectivity with minimal configuration. (yeh! we're a little bit fit now! which is not to say we're fit enough to run a marathon, so don't expect to be able to do much without a regular internet connection or some sysadmin skills)
  • 3 = in addition to qualifying for level 2 fitness this has basic intermesh services like a built in chat server, microblog server and similar user oriented services ready to run with minimal configuration. (still needs a service to tell other mesh users and end users about the services on the mesh, aka our DNSless service distribution).
  • 4 = fully featured and works well enough to be used in friendly network conditions (you aren't in jeopardy of getting arrested/attacked for using it for things that are considered legal where you are using it)
  • 5 = fully featured and setup with best effort secure defaults and possibly other security features (this by no means should suggest that it is safe to use in an environment where there is a government or government like entity is actively trying to suppress network connectivity by means other than denial standard network connectivity)
  • 6 = if we find the magic sauce that can make it super hard to find users if you aren't a user and reasonably impossible to detect or decrypt traffic not sent to you, then you will see this magic number as the fitness score. Until then it is the metaphorical unicorn. It doesn't exist.

You may have noticed that the fitness list doesn't ever say it's safe to use in a hostile network. That's because it won't likely ever be safe to use in a hostile network. The best we can do is to set reasonably secure defaults and policies and try to educate users on internet hygiene so they don't let people rub malware in their face if they go someplace we can't protect them.