Duties of the Secretary

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Here be the UNofficial duties of the Secretary.. well, in the eyes of the current (Jan '14) secretary..

The only guidance I (David Mc.) was given upon taking this position was to take notes at the meetings. Having been in this position for a while, I'm certain that was an inadequate description. So here's a list of things I think the Secretary should be responsible for..

  • Primary, but not sole, 'handler' for incoming emails on
  • Mostly this means either deleting things or forwarding them on to the Blabber list.. sometimes it means longer conversations, particularly with other groups around the world trying to start a hacker-space.
  • Always be positive and promote openness, learning, and growth.
  • Governance of the wiki
  • Not necessarily watching the wiki software, but definitely taking lead on the wiki's flow and standards
  • NEW: no one ever mentioned this, but I think it's a good idea for the Sec to keep the calendar updated with happenings not only from within HacDC, but from the general community
  • ..actually I'm just starting this now (Jan '14), it never occurred to me before, but I think it'll help people engage.
  • Yes, keep the minutes of the meetings.. b/c no one else will, and it sounds like we should.
  • While I have never had to say anything.. keep an eye on what conversations are in Members vs Blabber. Roughly, I default to Blabber, unless it's something that only members could act upon.
  • Never forget that the Board's primary mission is to keep out of the way.
  • Just in case ya' missed it, Board members are expected to participate in the monthly meetings. I'd say missing one out of the year is ok.
  • There's a bit of confusion regarding new members.. The Sec. is supposed to get their email and ID, but the Treasurer is the one that needs this info. This really hasn't been worked out.
  • Keep an eye on who is in the various groups, specifically Members and BOD. Remove those that have left.