Emergency Prep

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Household Emergency Prep


  • make ice blocks in freezer with cleaned used drink containers leaving room for the ice to expand when filling
  • DO NOT BURN STUFF INSIDE THE HOUSE unless you have a fireplace or the like that has ventilation.

Cold Weather

  • use rocks/bricks/concrete to transfer heat from a outdoors fire inside the house using cotton or wool clothe to wrap them after removing them from the fire so you don't burn yourself of stuff inside the house.

Warm Weather

  • water mist near doorways or around porches cools the air nearby.


  • traditional siphon flush toilets can be flushed by pouring water into the bowl until it flushes. using waste water and/or urine can help to prevent wasting potable water.


  • store dry wood in recycle bins and trashcans and secure the lids

High Wind

  • store or tie down items such as lawn furniture, tables, umbrellas, flowerpots, construction material, etc.

After The Event