Exhaust nozzle

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This is the exhaust nozzle to transition from the header on the back panel of the chassis to the 4 inch flexible metal exhaust duct which goes to the exhaust fan.

//James Sullivan //exhaust nozzle for laser cutter to connect to 4" exhaust hose //dimensions in millimeters //parametric version //4-20-17 //OpenSCAD version 2015.03-1 $fn=80; nid=60; //nozzle inner diameter nod=80; //nozzle outer diameter mod=100; //maximum outer diameter sh=30; //step height sw=5; //step width oah=50; //over-all height tlw=3; //top ledge width bcd=46.8*2; //bolt circle diameter bhd=3.6; //bolt hole diameter fw=12; //foot width fh=15; //foot height fod=108; //foot outside dimension, from outside edge to outside edge fid=(nid+nod)/2;//foot inside dimension, from inside edge to inside edge difference(){ //nozzle rotate_extrude (angle=360,convexity=4) {polygon(points=[[nid/2,0],[nod/2,0],[mod/2,sh],[mod/2-sw,sh],[mod/2-sw,oah],[mod/2-sw-tlw,oah]]);}; //nozzle itself for (angle=[0:90:270]){ //screw access cuts rotate([0,0,angle]) translate([bcd/2,0,-5]) rotate([0,6,0]) cylinder(d=bhd*3.5,h=oah+10); } } module foot(){ difference(){ translate([fid/2,-fw/2,0]) cube([(fod-fid)/2,fw,fh]); //foot translate([bcd/2,0,-5]) cylinder(d=bhd,h=25); //bolt hole } } for (angle=[0:90:270]){ rotate([0,0,angle]) foot(); }