FOSS Verilog tool installation

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Direct Installation (Ubuntu version)

--- Gtkwave ---

gtkwave is good in the Universe repository. If you've already got that linked in your /etc/apt/sources.list file, then installation is as simple as:

 sudo apt-get install gtkwave

--- Compiling icarus verilog ---

Icarus verilog, on the other hand, is buggy in the Jaunty repository. So you'll want to compile it by hand.

  • Fetch the .tar.gz file:
 tar xvzf verilog-20090923.tar.gz
 cd verilog-20090923
  • Make sure you have the necessary compile tools:
 sudo apt-get install build-essential flex bison g++
  • Compile and install:
 sudo make install   
  • Go get a cup of tea after you type "make", because compiling takes a while. But when you get back, you should be good to go. Copy William's makefile into your code directory and get to work. Now you have your usual development tools at your fingertips. (Emacs and Gedit have sweet colorization modes for verilog.)

Direct Installation (Mac OSX Version)

Spartan instructions follow...

  • Install XCode tools from
  • Install macports from I don't know how macports plays with fink, so be wary if your using fink.
  • Install Icarus verilog with macports
sudo port install iverilog
  • Install GTKWave with macports. This will actually take a while on a fresh install of macports, so go and watch a tv show.
sudo port install gtkwave
  • You can now launch iverilog, vvp and gtkwave from the command line, and use the makefile provided with the workshop.