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Information on this page is Obsolete; it is preserved for historical interest

Right now, we're paying $850/month, all utilities and cleaning expenses, for the space we have now. Our lease is up in January.

What would we do with more space?

  • Add a woodshop
  • Add an audio/visual editing and recording studio
  • Add a long-term storage area
  • Develop a storefront?
  • ...

Space requirements, desires, and considerations

  • Cost
  • Accessibility to members (particularly via Metro)
  • Size
  • ...

Option: More space in the church

Nick is currently working with the church to determine where/how/when we would be able to get more space at our present location. If you are interested in becoming a part of this discussion, please let him know.


  • Access to larger meeting and assembly spaces
  • Cheap rent
  • Relatively central location


  • The church may want to increase our rent to "market" rates
  • We may be missing out on a better deal somewhere else

Option: Elsewhere

See SpaceSearch.

Given that January is quickly approaching (though it may not seem like it), members are all encouraged to be on the lookout for commercial spaces that might be suitable for us, both in terms of budget and functionality. If we can sustain a membership level of 40, given insurance and build-out considerations, we could very likely afford a space that (utilities included) is twice what we're paying now. For every member, add another $40 (assuming our dues remain at $50).