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(New page: {{Floating TOC}}Below is the proposed draft of the HacDC IRS [http://ftp.irs.gov/charities/article/0,,id=130101,00.html Form 1023]. This is the form we need to fill out to become a 501(c)...)
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Below is the proposed draft of the HacDC IRS Form 1023. This is the form we need to fill out to become a 501(c)(3) status.

This wiki article will document proposed answers to the form, following on a Part and Line Item basis. You can follow along using the complete 1023 form, or check out the 1023 form instructions.

Issues of note

  • We should complete our Bylaws amendments before submitting this application. (See Part II, Line 5)

Sections to note

The "difficult" sections will be noted here. These are the ones that require real thought as opposed to simple plugging away of information

Part I : Identification of Applicant

  1. Full name of organization (exactly as it appears in your organizing document): HacDC
  2. c/o Name (if applicable): (Not Applicable)
  3. Mailing address: 1525 Newton St NW, Washington DC 20010 Note, there is no room or suite for HacDC
  4. Employer Identification Number (EIN): (Tim Collins should have this number)
  5. Month the annual accounting period ends: 12 We follow a calendar accounting year
  6. Primary contact: Contact information for Elliot or Tim, whoever wants to be the primary.
  7. Are you represented...: No This line is if attorneys or CPAs are filling the application and we want the IRS to communicate with them directly.
  8. Was a person who is not one of your officers...: No Presumably, nobody is getting paid to help us fill out this application
  9. Organization’s website, e-mail: http://hacdc.org info@hacdc.org
  10. Certain organizations are not required to file: No We will be required to fill out an 990
  11. Date incorporated if a corporation...: 03/25/08 Wow, we missed our anniversary party. This was the date we were officially incorporated in the District of Columbia. You can see our registration information here
  12. Were you formed under the laws of a foreign country?: No

Part II : Organizational Structure

Note: We are a Not for Profit corporation organized in the District of Columbia, organized specifically to become a 501(c)(3).

  1. Are you a corporation?: Yes Tim should have our original articles of incorporation
  2. Are you a limited liability company: No
  3. Are you an unincorporated association?: No
  4. Are you a trust?: No

<ref name="Part II Line 5" />

  1. Have you adopted bylaws?: Yes Note: We should complete all proposed bylaws amendments before submitting this application.