HAM HT Baofeng UV-3R Mic-Volume

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There are several things that can cause built in mic sensitivity to be inadequate.

  • some batches have mic gain that is too high caused by poorly adjusted trim pots
  • some have it too low due to the same reason
  • some have something wrong in the MCU that keeps the gain too low
  • some have misaligned case isolation bushing that cover the pin prick mic hole in the case

Bushing/Case Fix

  1. invoke your inner caveman
  2. remove the front panel of the case
  3. widen the mic hole in the front panel to ~2mm or 3mm (a pocket knife does fine)
  4. reassemble and test. if it works well stop here else keep going
  5. remove the front case panel and remove the rubber boot over the electrilet mic.
  6. use a knife or a hole punch to widen the hole without removing the entire flat face (which is there to help reduce vibrations in the case from getting to the mic).
  7. reassemble and test if it didn't work it is probably something else or a combination of this and something else.