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This book is a collection of details surrounding the beginning of your hacker space. If you’d like to just tell the story in 500 words, that’s fine. We’ve put together the questions below and so if you like, you can just answer them as best you can and send them back and that should give the world a glimpse into the beginning of your hackerspace! Again, total word count should be around 500. Understand that we’re going to be editing these entries for content and length.

Tell the story of the beginning of the hackerspace. How did you come up with the idea? How did you choose the name of your hackerspace? What was your original vision?

What are some obstacles that you had to overcome at the beginning of your hackerspace when you were just getting started?

Describe your hackerspace. What do visitors to the space notice that is special about the space? What kind of tools and resources do you have at the space?

How often do you meet? What happens at these meetings?

Describe a disaster that occurred in your hackerspace. (flood, lightning, accident or some such thing)

What are some things that have come out of your hackerspace that you are most proud of?

Was there anything that you did that was essential to the start of your hackerspace? Do you have any advice for people who might be thinking of starting a hackerspace?


We need 5 or more photos of your space. At least 300dpi and 2″x3″ or larger in JPG or EPS format. If possible, it would be great to see a few photos of people working in your space. If you have photos of your hackerspace already, please send them ASAP so Astera can start color correcting them and getting them into indesign.

User:katie suggests:

It's a shame we don't have any photos from the Microcontroller Course. We should definitely take some in the next session of it!

Logo Image

We need a logo from your hackerspace ideally in a vector format like .eps or .ai.

Nick - can you provide this?


If you get this all done and feel like going an extra mile you could do one of the following. Don’t do these if they will put you over the deadline.

  • Get members to tell a story or recount an adventure associated with the beginning of your hackerspace.
  • Draw a floor diagram.
  • Include a manifesto.