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HacDC Frequently Asked Questions

What is HacDC?

HacDC is a group of engineers, makers, artisans, crafters, tinkerers, technologists, and programmers that have collaborated to create a non-profit organization and space dedicated to technical, artistic and social collaboration.

Why does HacDC exist?

We believe that there should exist a HackerSpace that provides a physical location to build upon a sense of community that supports technical, artistic and social collaboration.

Why should I care?

If you're made it this far, and you're reading this question, you're smart enough to know that the creative and innovative process is not always spontaneous and in fact you realize that a certain level of creativity and innovation requires a community of peers. HacDC provides you with a real face-to-face community, where you can meet your creative and innovative peers in a friendly atmosphere, surrounded by the resources and tools, to help you spring up your technical ability, your creativity, and speed up your innovation to a higher level.

I read all the issues of Phrack; I can do anything, right?

Umm, you should get out more. Visit HacDC as soon as possible.

How can I support HacDC?

There are different ways you can support HacDC.

  • Join and then get two more of your really smart friends to join
  • Donate to our cause and tell at least two of your mentors and
  • Tell at least two other people to tell two other people about HacDC