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This project is scheduled for consideration at the June 17, 2008 member meeting.

Ben Stanfield is proposing this project. As this project requires specific earmarking of present HacDC resources subject to the discretion of its participants, it requires membership approval.


With the recent -redacted for privacy review- donation, it's obvious that HacDC is now the recipient of some unusual, historical, and unique items. To honor Mr. -redacted-'s memory and preserve the unique nature of his gift, I propose to create The HacDC Museum of Technology, and within the museum the -redacted- Collection of Telephony, curated by HacDC membership.

Because of space concerns, I envision a locked storage box to collect artifacts suitable for the museum that are off-limit for use in projects, but available for examination and research by the membership. Because a storage box is not precisely the ideal for a burgeoning museum, items will be photographed, videod, catalogued, and available to the general public via a website or wiki.

As an organization, HacDC has designated several areas of concentration. The museum will fulfill several of the specific purposes of the Bylaws, including:

  • Collaborate on all forms of technology, culture and craft in new and interesting ways.
  • Apply the results of its work to specific cultural, charitable and scientific causes.
  • Freely share its research and discoveries, using what is learned to teach others.

Initial items for the collection include:

  • Scientology eMeter (perhaps the one Scientology submitted to obtain the patent)
  • Lineman's handsets
  • Blue Box
  • AT&T Reference Manuals
  • Historical Books
  • Korean War Era Military Field Phone (working condition, sound great over 1000' of wire)
  • Slide Rules