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Launch Details


Logistics planning and radio check meet: Monday Nov 8, 7:00 PM at HacDC
Planned launch date: Saturday, November 13, 2010 (Rain date November 14).
Launch time: 9:00 AM, Launch should take less than an hour.
Launch Location: Probably along US 81 Between Hagerstown, MD and Edinburg, VA.

Specific location, directions and coordinates will be posted on by 7:00 AM day of event.

Coordination/Talk-in: 146.685 MHz repeater input, 146.415 MHz simplex
Planned Altitude: TBD
Planned Ascent Rate: TBD
Primary Beacon: Tiny Track 4 with 0.5 W transmitter on 144.390 MHz, call sign W3HAC-11 (map). $3 GPS module
Secondary Beacon: Son-of-WhereAVR with ublox GPS. Yaesu VX-1 handi-talkie with 1 W Transmitter, call sign W3HAC-12 (map), Frequency TBD
Other sensors: Recording accelerometer, air pressure based altimeter, cosmic ray counter

Help Wanted:

If you spot something you can handle or wish to learn about, we'd love to have your help. (Seriously, meeting more people like you is major goal of HacDC.)

  • Blog about upcoming flight
  • Document HacDC Spaceblimp 1 on wiki
  • Build primary & secondary beacon antenna
  • Altimeter selection & purchase
  • Purchase 32 GB SDHC memory card for video
  • Build battery pack for video
  • Make weatherproof labels/tags for capsule recovery (laminate, 3d print, laser cut, etc.)
  • Work on CHDK scripts for still cameras
  • Build capsule/rigging/chute
  • Vacuum test Geiger counter
  • New software for additional sensors (add small μC?)

Contact Info:

If you would like to help, contact

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