HacDC Spaceblimp 6/Inventory

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Here is an active inventory of Spaceblimp equipment & parts.


AA lithium energizer batteries 0.525oz each


canon powershot a-530 (no battery) 6oz canon powershot a-480 (no battery) 4.95oz canon powershot sd300 (with battery) 5.2oz gopro hero 2 3.5oz (2.4oz without battery) Hobbyking wingcam 1.1oz Samsung Galaxy S4 4.4oz (2.9 without battery) and without case


tinytrak4 with enclosure, battery, and antenna 9.7oz (1.7oz antenna) WhereAVR tracker 16.09oz TeensyTracker with GPS, batteries, and antenna 5.1oz (1.7oz antenna)


smallest parachute with lines (blue, orange with yellow rigging line) 5.9oz small parachute with lines 12.9oz larger parachute without lines 38.4oz dual parachute with lines 2.1oz

Payload enclosures

large single lunchbox (#1) 14.5oz small single lunchbox (#2) 12.7oz large double lunchbox (#3) 15.4oz


4.6oz and 2.8oz radar reflectors 2.28g four microSD cards and support