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I thought it would be good to keep a log of what's going on. Contributions encouraged. Aug. 14, 2018 The box2 print on the Taz had finished but was about a mm short, presumably due to a likely z axis skipping problem. I later stopped someone else's print because filament had stopped extruding, then noticed that the new filament guide tube was missing & the reel, which had been changed (light green), was on backwards. I fixed the reel and the print worked (but looked sloppy). I found the missing tube on the previous reel (white), reinstalled it, and, after adjusting the printhead height, started another box2. I also redesigned the probe mount for the Taz (probemount2A.escad & probemount2B.escad (both at renderadmin/ImplicitCAD/radioshack_box)). Neither regular printer was working. Aug. 16 The box2 print failed due to the same intermittent connection failure that's been plaguing the printer. Had delayed monthly meeting. Julia worked extensively to fix the z axis skipping but the z axis now keeps getting badly out of level between the 2 sides so the Taz is unusable. On the other hand, after turning on the controller (it was off but I think it was on on Aug. 14), both regular printers are now working. Aug. 20 Julia located a good design for a replacement extruder for the Ultimaker. Julia worked on the Taz. It it now working but the z axis still seems to be skipping & the intermittent disconnect problem is probably still there. There is now a box for RODS. Caution: It is dangerously topheavy. Aug. 23 A box again printed successfully but was a mm short. Julia rebuilt the Taz. Started another box but the filament stopped feeding; shut printer off. I added documentation to the Wiki on the laser cutter but unfortunately broke the front panel (flimsy plastic); I was able to sort of fix it by adding washers. Sept. 1 Rewired laser cutter (details in Cheap Chinese Laser entry). The laser should now be ready for testing by an expert. Several people from Nova Labs visited. They said Nova Labs would probably help HacDC fix broken equipment (if we can get it there).