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Hacriculum is a collaborative effort to develop a comprehensive "hacker curriculum" that can help to shape well-rounded, imaginative, curious, and bright people into the hackers of tomorrow by focusing on key concepts that hackers, makers, and inventors value; Concepts like those codified in Stephen Levy's Hacker Ethic: sharing, openness, world improvement, and the technological creation of art and beauty. The hacriculum will eventually include material appropriate for all levels, including K-12, as well as higher education and adult students. The project is wide in scope and initially is being considered in several stages.

Expected Timeline

Phase 1: Development

During the development phase, contributors will establish an infrastructure for collaboration and begin to brainstorm thoughts about how to approach the project. Broad overviews of grade and subject matter will begin to be prepared, and some initial courses will be pilot tested.

Phase 2: After school and weekend short courses for teens and adults

Phase 3: Home schooling and Independent Study Lessons

Phase 4: Charter School

Phase 5: Expansion


Avenues of funding will be explored, including grants from educational foundations. Funding could also come from income from tution from short courses and home schooling lesson sales. A more formal budget will be put together soon.