Hardware compatibility list

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  • Dell Inspiron 1520
    • Intel 3945 wireless chipset
    • Broadcom BCM4401-B0 ethernet chipset
  • Asus EeePC 900
    • Atheros AR5001 rev. 01 wireless chipset
    • Atheros L2 Fast Ethernet rev. a0 ethernet chipset
  • HP Pavilion dv6000
    • Atheros AR242x rev. 01 wireless chipset
    • nVidia MCP67 rev. a2 ethernet chipset
  • Novatech generic laptop
    • Atheros AR9285 rev. 01 wireless chipset
    • USB tether to Smartphone for Internet uplink (usb0, reported as a wireless device but still was able to configure as the gateway device).
  • Sony Viao PCG 71312M
    • Atheros AR285 Wireless
    • Marvell Yukon 88E8059 Gigabit ethernet
  • IBM Thinkpad, model unknown
    • Intel Advanced-N 6200 wireless chipset (added firmware to Byzantium Linux)
    • Intel 82755LM Gigabit ethernet chipset