How to Run an Event

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Note: non-public events are strongly discouraged at HacDC.

  1. Have an idea for an event. :)
  2. Plan where and how to present your content.
    1. The lab space (capacity: x people)
      1. Is there a working projector in the space?
      2. There are a couple of whiteboards you can use.
    2. The auditorium (capacity: y people)
    3. The sanctuary (capacity: z people)
  3. Assemble any necessary parts.
  4. Use the church's calendar if you want to use the church's auditorium, dining room, or sanctuary.
  5. Use the HacDC Event Calendar to schedule a date and time. Please try not to overlap with other HacDC events. Also, please try to give potential participants at least a week's notice.
  6. Add the event description, including date and time and anything participants should bring, to Category:Classes.
  7. Publicize!
    1. Send an e-mail to HacDC's announce@ (public) and members-announce@ (members-only) mailing lists and possibly to Friends of HacDC.
    2. Blog it.
      1. Always include the what/where/when/FREE in your blog post. People think our events are for members only, and this isn't the case. We need to break this myth.
      2. Never "sign" your content, but feel free to talk in the first person. (Timball did a great job with this.)
      3. Write one or two grade levels below where you normally write. This is for those people from .de, .nl, and .cn that are reading our posts.
      4. Find a picture. If the only ones you have suck, use a Creative Commons picture from Flickr. (This helps drive more traffic to our page. Google DorkbotDC and laser if you don't believe me.)
      5. Find a video (to put at the end) that is mildly relevant to what you're doing. This also helps drive traffic.
        1. Please exercise some diligence! As illustrated in this example, a layperson's idea of "mildly relevant" can turn out to be be downright misleading. - Katie 15:50, 18 December 2008 (UTC)
      6. Send a tweet reminder. You can do this through Wordpress.
    3. Consider notifying other groups whose members might be interested. One place to check is this list of DC-area geeky groups.
    4. Get it listed on DC Tech Events.
  8. Post signs (e.g., on the red door) directing attendees who've never been to HacDC before.
  9. Run the event. Share your knowledge. Have fun. Take some pictures.
  10. How did it go? Blog it! Have suggestions for next time? Add them here!