Installing AVR Toolchain

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There are a few pieces of software you'll definitely want for AVR programming:

  • A compiler and/or assembler (avr-gcc) to convert human-readable code to binary
  • Manipulation of binaries (binutils-avr). You'll need to convert from the ELF file to something your chip will like.
  • Something to talk to your AVR programmer (AVRDUDE), that is the piece of hardware you plug into both your computer and the chip you want to program.
  • Not required, but something to make your life easier: (GNU make)

Note that both avr-gcc and binutils-avr come from the avr-libc project. avr-libc itself isn't software per-se; it's a library that implements standard C functions for AVRs.



WinAVR has everything you need.


CrossPack should take care of you.



Install the following packages:

  • avrdude
  • avrdude-doc
  • binutils-avr
  • avr-libc
  • gcc-avr

You can get them in one shot using:

sudo aptitude install avrdude avrdude-doc binutils-avr avr-libc gcc-avr