Intro to Programming

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Very basic introduction to programming class meant for those who've never programed before in their lives. Our external P2PU site is here. Please make sure to add yourself to the mailing list here.

Pre class HW

For the class we will be using python and pygame. Instructions on how to install them on your operating system of choice can be found below.

Git and Github

We would like those taking the class to keep a source repository to store workshop and homework code so that: 1. they can modify without fear of messing it up beyond repair 2. they can share code and, thus, assist each other

To that end, we have some resources below to get git installed, open a github account, and the main git commands you will need to get started.

Setting up git on Windows Setting up git on OS X Setting up git on Linux (you may choose to use your package manager (apt, yum, pacman, etc.) to install the git-core package)

If you can go through this before the class 0, great! you will have more time to write some code during the workshop. Otherwise, we will be available to assist anyone who may need help getting things started.

You can get the presentation slides, code, and other material from this wiki OR live from the class repository

Class 0

Covers : Some history. IDLE and Python. Primitive data types. Statements and expressions. Hello World! Turtle Graphics Slides : File:Class 0.pdf Workshop : Get things working! Demo code : File:Turtle File:Wrapper Homework : Draw a pretty picture using the turtle graphics.

Class 1

Covers : Program control. If statements. For loops. While loops. Pygame drawing. Slides : File:Class 1.pdf Workshop : Pygame picture time! Demo code : File:Pygame pretty File:Pong paddle Homework : Make an animation using your new looping and pygame drawing skills. Sign up for the email list, and introduce your self. Include a link to your GitHub repository.

Class 2

Covers : Functions. Common data structures. Pygame events. Slides : File:Class 2.pdf Workshop : Pong code with functions! Quick event demo. Demo code : Check the repo! Homework : Email list, do it! Share your repo and code! Make that animation you had interactive using the new event or I/O stuff. Try and make your previous code use functions.

Class 3

Covers : Classes. Modules and Packages. Slides : File:Class 3.pdf Workshop : Sprite demo! Pong with classes! (And probably prettier than the original one) Demo code : Check the repo! Homework : Package some of your existing code into a module. Try making a few objects for your interactive animation. Extend the sprite so there's more than one sprite on screen and they're keyboard controlled.

Class 4

Covers : Some stuff from the standard library. Pyserial too! Slides : File:Class 4.pdf Workshop : A bunch of little programs! Demo code : Check the repo! Homework : Use at least one of the libraries presented in class in your own code. Two different datasets are being provided, try and visualize the data using pygame.

Class 5

Covers : Tidbits we didn't cover during the other classes. Exceptions handling. List/dict comprehensions. Lambdas, filters, maps and reduce. Slides : File:Class 5.pdf Workshop : Some packaging stuff! Demo Code : Check the repo! Homework : Keep coding and showing up to HacDC!