Introduction to Python

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Introduction to Python

WHERE: HacDC 1525 Newton ST NW Washington D.C. 20010

WHEN: Saturday August 30, 2008 from 1:00PM - 4:00PM

WHO: Rob Seger

So you’ve got this great new idea, but it requires a computer.. The blasted thing just doesn’t do what you need it to do out of the box. You’ve got a few options: you can give up on your project (I’m just saying..), you can find a programmer to whisper sweet nothings to your expensive doorstop (you may have to bribe them), or you can master the art of pillow talk for your processor. Presumably, you’re interested in the last option. While I can’t promise you that you’ll become the Fabio of circuitry over-night, I can promise you’ll know how to motivate that doorstop of yours if you attend my class. In a less-than-formal environment, I plan to take you from not even having python installed to understanding the fundamentals of programming. If all goes well, you should be able to create fairly complicated programs, understand (and know how to find) the python online documentation, and have this irrational urge to learn more. For those with some background in programming, we’ll be covering: variables, if-statements, looping, fundamental data structures, functions, and modules. If that didn’t make any sense, or you don’t already know how to do all that in python, this is the class for you!