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Junk Bins (Proposed)

  • Level 1 - aka "1 week bin"
    • When an item(s) is placed in the Level 1 bin it (or a container containing it) must be NONDESTRUCTIVELY AND NONPERMANENTLY labeled with the date it was removed from the bench and from which bench it was removed. see map
    • After 1 week in a Level 1 bin an item must be placed in a Level 2 junk bin.
  • Level 2 - aka "1 month bin"
    • After 1 month in a Level 2 bin an item should be placed in a Level 3 bin
  • Level 3 - aka "removal bin"
    • When an item is placed in a Level 3 bin it should be photographed and posted to the <yet to be defined junk repo> with a brief textual description.
    • Labeled (as described in previous Junk Bin Levels) items in Level 3 bins may *not* be remain in the space once their time has elapsed.
    • After a month in a Level 3 bin items will be recycled, trashed, stripped for parts, sold by HacDC, or otherwise disposed of as the Junk Comity or Voting Membership sees fit.