K40 Exhaust Assembly

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K40 Exhaust Assembly

We've created an exhaust assembly to provide a modular, modifiable platform to vent gases from the awkward rectangular cut-outs in the back of our Ebay K40 laser.

External Repository

All of these parts should be up on, (just kidding though, currently they're not!! -Tom 4/17/17). Feel free to

   git clone

and print. ImplicitCAD code provided is GPL licensed.

Screwhole Adapters

This is helpful, even if you think it's not.

File:Screwhole adapter.stl

Exhaust Nacelle

The latest iteration as of 4/17/17 --

File:Square vent adapter.stl

Exhaust Nozzle

James has a better version of this, but you'll likely want to make your own or modify the source code than use the raw stl of a rather chunky model below--

Exhaust nozzle

File:Round hose adapter.stl

Exhaust Flow Switch

Flap disk air flow switch to ensure exhaust is running when laser is operating--

Air flow switch holder